Through unique technologies and a network of multiple smelting facilities, we recover over 20 types of metal from various raw materials.

Kuroko (black ore) which was mined at the Kosaka mine in Akita, the birthplace of DOWA group, is rich in precious metals such as gold and silver. However, the ore also contains various impurities which make it very hard to refine. DOWA smelting business was built from the technology it developed from the complexity of the precious metal recovery process of Kuroko (black ore). Coupled with the network of copper and zinc smelting facilities, the group is capable of recovering over 20 types of metal from various raw materials.

Main sub-segments

Precious metals and copper smelting

Precious metals and copper smelting

The core of DOWA’s recycling and smelting complex

At KOSAKA SMELTING & REFINING, the birthplace of DOWA, we accept E-scrap such as used PC circuit boards and the residue from the zinc smelting process as the main raw ingredients to produce a large number of metals by leveraging our technological strengths in the highly efficient recovery of precious and rare metals.


Main products: Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Tin, Antimony, Nickel sulfate

Platinum-group metals smelting

Platinum-group metals smelting

Recycling rare platinum-group metals

Catalysts that contain platinum-group metals such as platinum and palladium are used to purify the automobile exhaust gases. NIPPON PGM recycles the platinum-group metals from used catalysts at smelting facilities that specialize in platinum metals.


Main services: Recycling of platinum-group metals

Zinc smelting

The largest zinc smelter in Japan

AKITA ZINC CO., LTD., which started as a seaside smelter based on the zinc smelting technologies developed at Kosaka, produces about 200,000 tons of electrolytic zinc per year. Through a superior process to recover indium and other valuable resources contained in mineral ore and its coordination with KOSAKA SMELTING & REFINING, DOWA boasts a high level of international competitiveness.


Main products: Zinc, Zinc alloys, Indium, Sulfuric acid

Resource and raw material procurement

Resource and raw material procurement

Ensuring stable supply of raw materials

The DOWA group treats various recycling materials such as used substrates and automobile exhaust catalysts, as well as securing mining activities to ensure stability in raw material procurement for AKITA ZINC.