About Dowa Holdings

Dowa aims to contribute to creating an affluent, recycling-oriented society through its core businesses of "Resource recycling" and "Provision excellent materials and technologies". The Dowa Group consists of a total of 115 companies, including Dowa Holdings, five operating companies engaged in various  businesses, and two support companies that support the activities of each business.

Facts and Figures


140 years
Founded in 1884

Number of Employees (consolidated) 
7,168 Japan, 4,020 overseas
(as of March 31, 2023)

Subsidiaries and Affiliates
115 companies

75 Japan, 40 overseas
(as of Mach 31, 2023)

Plants and Waste
Treatment Facilities
71 bases

Japan 43 bases, overseas
28 bases

Net Sales
717.1 billion yen


Ordinary Income
44.7 billion yen


Capital Expenditures
39.8 billion yen


R&D Expenses
10.4 billion yen



Established as a mining and smelting company, DOWA has been supporting Japan’s economic growth associated with its modernization in the field of non-ferrous metals. It has kept growing by expanding its businesses into new fields that can take advantage of its technologies and experiences.

DOWA’s Strengths

Based on technologies and experiences developed through the mining and smelting business, DOWA operates unique, "Recycling-Oriented Business Model" ranging from the production of metals and the manufacturing of high-value-added materials to the recycling of waste.

Resource recycling

We have combined the waste management of our Environmental Management & Recycling Business with the highly efficient metal recovery technology of our Nonferrous Metals Business to form a smelting and recycling complex. We use a variety of processes to recycle large amounts of metal from materials that are no longer of use to society. Moreover, materials that cannot be recycled are incinerated and transported to landfills to reduce their environmental impact.

Provision of excellent materials and technologies 

The Electronic Materials Business, the Metal Processing Business, and the Heat Treatment Business develop and manufacture high-value-added materials at the top of niche markets primarily composed of metal. With our abundant knowledge and high technological capabilities in fields such as semiconductors, conductive materials, copper rolled products, and surface heat treatment, we have created products and services with large shares in markets that undergo rapid technological innovation, such as automobiles, smartphones, and solar panels

Products and Services Applied in Society

Products and services from the DOWA group, including ones for automobiles and ICT equipment, as well as waste treatment and recycling, are applied widely in various fields.

Automobiles ●Nonferrous Metals ●Metal Processing ●Heat Treatment

For vehicle bodies: Zinc alloys for plated sheet steel
For wire harnesses: Copper alloys strips for connectors, Precious metals plating
For parts of the drivetrain including engines and gears: The heat treatment services of parts, Facilities for heat treatment
For sensors for driving control:  Ferrite powder

Information and communications devices ●Electronic Materials ●Metal Processing

For LCD panels: High purity indium for transparent conductive coatings
For multi-layer capacitors for electronic circuits: Copper powder, Conductive atomized powder
For connectors and batteries: Copper alloy strips

Waste treatment and recycling ●Environmental Management & Recycling ●Nonferrous Metals

Detoxifying treatment of waste: Incieration of industrial waste, Landfilling of waste
Recycling of metals and other materials: Smelting for recovering metals from e-scraps, Dismantling/sorting of end-of-life products

Solar power generation ●Electronic Materials ●Metal Processing

For Solar cell erectrode: Silver powder
For electronic control equipment: Metal-ceramics substrates

Performances and Shareholder Returns


The DOWA Group works to meet the expectations of its customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, local community members, employees and other stakeholders without fail. At the same time, we are committed to addressing social issues through our business activities.

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